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Motor Vehicle Accident

What Are The Benefits You Will Receive From A Car Accident Settlement?

If you are the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit that resulted from a car accident, and you hire a personal injury lawyer who wins your case in court, you may be confused about the benefits you will receive from the defense. Read this article to get educated on the benefits you will receive from such a settlement.

Do you settle your claim or file a personal injury lawsuit?

You and your personal injury lawyer will face this burning question. The details of your case will ultimately influence your final actions and decisions. If you file a claim, only the insurance company will represent the defendant. If you sue in court, you’ll be involving legal officials like the jury and judge who will determine the final outcome for you. You need to seek legal counsel in either case because both processes are involved and complex.

Damages the settlement will pay for

You can receive a good amount of money, especially if your personal injury lawyer in Moreno Valley argues your case well in court. You’ll receive compensation for more than just your outright medical expenses under personal injury law. You can sue for pain and suffering and lost income/wages. Your lawyer will teach you how to categorize and calculate pain and suffering damages.

Non-earner benefits

You will get these benefits if you were injured in a car accident but were not earning wages or an income at the time. You’ll have to meet a wide variety of criteria to be eligible. Your lawyer will discuss this in detail with you.

Income replacement benefits

You will get this if you were forced to quit your job after the car accident for either pain or suffering, bodily injuries, or both. These benefits will be paid out to in regular payouts which will be calculated based on a pre-determined percentage of the income/wages you were earning before the accident.

Caregiver benefits

No one likes to think about this, but you may suffer permanent disabilities because of the car accident. You may never be able to work again. You may also need someone else to take care of you for the rest of your life. Your car accident settlement will pay for permanent caregiver expenses in this instance.

Attendant caregiver benefits

These are typically more limited in scope than regular caregiver benefits. You’ll get money to pay for someone who will help you out with daily activities like brushing your hair or taking a bath. The best part is that all of the settlement money is completely tax-free in California.You can receive substantial compensation from the defense if you were involved in a car accident. This is especially true if you hire a personal injury lawyer.

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