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Yorba Linda, Carlsbad, Monterey Park, and Moreno Valley Public Transit Accident Lawyers

Most of us have come to rely on public transportation here in California. It is one of the safest, most convenient, and affordable ways to get from point A to point B in many cases. But each time we rely on a means of public transit, we are putting our trust in multiple parties. Not only are we entrusting the driver, but also the owners, operators, maintenance crew, and infrastructure. Has the driver been properly trained? Has the vehicle been properly maintained? Is the vehicle up to safety standards? Does the owner or operator take shortcuts in maintenance or training?

Public Transit Accidents Can Be Complicated

Each time we take public transit, we are expecting that we will get where we need to go safely. Sharing the road with public transportation, we expect that the drivers are properly trained and the equipment they are driving is safe and maintained. But as personal injury attorneys, we have seen what happens when public and private transit authorities breach that trust. And because there can be multiple reasons for accidents from driver impairment to a lack of infrastructure maintenance, these types of accidents can be complicated.

The Compensation You Deserve

If you have been injured in a public transit accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries. The personal injury lawyers at Braff Injury Law PC have represented victims of public transit accidents in Yorba Linda, Carlsbad, Monterey Park, Moreno Valley, and surrounding communities in Southern California for decades and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation on their behalf. After an accident, you owe it to yourself to understand your rights.

A Duty of Care

Public transit companies owe a higher duty of care toward their passengers and the public. But accidents can and do happen. These accidents can include both passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers who are injured due to

  • Public Bus Accidents
  • Private Bus Accidents
  • School Bus Accidents
  • Limousine Accidents
  • Uber/lyft Accidents
  • Taxi Accidents
  • Trolley Accidents
  • Light Rail And Other Railways
  • Ferry Accidents

These public and private entities are required to ensure the safety of passengers and the public at large and must carry the required liability insurance in case of accidents. But many victims find that collecting a sufficient settlement for their injuries and damages is painstakingly difficult. At a difficult and vulnerable time, an injury victim may feel further victimized by the insurance company. We believe this is wrong.

A Team of Experts

Our injury lawyers work diligently on behalf of victims of public transit accidents in order to get the compensation they need after a serious accident. When you have hired our accident lawyers, you get a full team of professionals including doctors, rehabilitation experts, investigators, accident recreation experts, and technology experts. This team’s sole job is to find a way to recover the maximum compensation for your losses.

If you have been injured in a public transit accident, call the injury attorneys that more people in Yorba Linda, Carlsbad, Monterey Park, and Moreno Valley have come to trust. Call the offices of Braff Injury Law PC for a free consultation today to see how we can help after a public transit accident.