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Slip and fall accidents

FAQs On Personal Injuries Due To Slip And Fall

After you are involved in a personal injury accident, you will naturally want to hire a personal injury lawyer. You’ll have a lot of questions to ask him or her about your case. Read this article if you do. It will answer a lot of your general questions.

Will I be able to sue my employer for my fall?

Your personal injury lawyer in Carlsbad, will tell you that the answer to that question is no. The reason why is because your fall will be covered under workers’ compensation law.

Will I have to fill out an accident report when I fall?

Not necessarily, though it is standard practice and a very good idea. You should also keep your own version of an accident report. Details to include in your version are:

● A complete description of the circumstances that led up to the fall. These include the condition of the ground and if there was any debris or large objects.
● What you observed and felt at the time of the accident?
● Who was present?
● Whether anyone present made any comments about the fall

Be sure to take as many photos as you can if this is allowed. Also, see a doctor immediately. Keep records and bills that are related to and arise from the accident.

What compensation could I be eligible for?

These are the same as those for a personal injury accident. You are eligible for compensation for the following:

● Medical bills
● Wage loss
● Pain and suffering, anxiety, and loss of sleep-related to the accident.
● Temporary and permanent disability
● Lost income/wages and future income capacity
● Future medical expenses

What kinds of questions will the insurance adjuster ask me?

The insurance adjuster will determine how the slip and fall accident occurred. He or she will also want to know how and to what extent you were injured. The adjuster will want to negate your claims with information from the answers that you give him or her from these questions

● The nature and extent of your injuries
● If you had any preexisting injuries
● What you were doing right before the accident
● Did you ignore any warnings?
● Did you have a valid reason for being in the area where the accident occurred?

What is a hazardous condition? Who is responsible for it?

A hazardous condition is one that presents a danger to you. It can be temporary or permanent. Property owners are responsible for hazardous conditions especially if they were aware of them and had adequate time to prepare for them. Property owners may or may not be liable for temporary hazards. It depends on whether could have been aware of it. It also depends on whether they could have made adjustments to fix these temporary hazards.

What defines a slip and fall accident?

Since slip and fall accidents can occur on any type of property, any property owner can be held liable for these types of accidents. Fall accidents that are eligible for personal injury claims or lawsuits fall into the following categories:

● Trip and fall accidents which involve a foreign object
● Stump and fall accidents which involve an impediment in the walking surface
● Step and fall accidents which have an unexpected failure or hole in the walking surface
Slip and fall accidents with slick surfaces.

What is comparative negligence and how will it affect a slip and fall case?

Comparative negligence applies when the plaintiff is at least partially responsible for his or her injuries. Most states tend to reduce the award based on the percentage of comparative negligence.

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