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Yorba Linda, Carlsbad, Monterey Park, and Moreno Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

California is one of the most scenic states in our nation and our motorcyclists are able to experience it in a way other motorists do not. But we also know that other drivers they are sharing the road with are often distracted or not paying attention when a motorcycle is close by.  In addition, our state is one of the few that allows lane-splitting. Although motorcyclists like this practice, it can be particularly dangerous when drivers aren’t carefully watching.

The Vulnerability of the Rider

Over 400 motorcyclists are killed each year right here in California. Although we have helmet laws and riding gear has become more protective than ever before, without the protection of a car frame, seatbelts, and airbags, motorcyclists are far more vulnerable than drivers and subject to far more serious injuries when involved in an accident. The associated costs can be staggering due to medical costs, lost wages, lengthy rehabilitation, ongoing treatment and care, long-term disabilities, and, often pain and suffering.

Motorcycle accidents are usually serious and often fatal. They can range from fractures and road rash to paralysis. Even the hospital bills from a single injury can put a substantial strain on the victim and his or her family. Those who come away with a permanent disability can face a lifetime of costs for treatment and an inability to return to work.

Get the Advice of an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver, you should seek the guidance of an accident lawyer. Injured motorcyclists typically face extensive medical costs and, very often, a long and difficult recovery period. You should not have to face this alone. The experienced motorcycle injury lawyers at Braff Injury Law PC have represented hundreds of victims of motorcycle accidents in Yorba Linda, Carlsbad, Monterey Park, Moreno Valley, and throughout Southern California and recovered millions of dollars in compensation on their behalf.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

As an injury victim, you may want to trust that the insurance company is working in your best interest. Unfortunately, we have seen that this is far from true. As for-profit entities, they will want to limit the amount they pay out in settlements in order to please their shareholders. That is why we have seen many of the large insurance companies charged with bad faith practices. Don’t trust your future to the insurance company. Your future should be in the hands of a capable and diligent motorcycle accident attorney who is firmly in your corner.

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At Braff Injury Law PC, our experienced Yorba Linda, Carlsbad, Monterey Park, and Moreno Valley motorcycle accident lawyers diligently protect the rights of the victim. We understand how overwhelming and vulnerable an accident victim can feel after an injury. Call us today for a free case evaluation. You will never pay unless we win. Call us today to understand your legal rights after a motorcycle accident.