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Handing The Insurance Claim After A Major Car Accident

If you have ever been in a major car accident, you know that the emotional trauma and property damage/loss which resulted from it is overwhelming enough. However, what do you do if you broke your right leg and will be out of work for over two months as a result? Since this is bodily injury, you should hire a lawyer to help you seek the medical remedies you need to pay your doctor’s bills and related expenses. You should also read this article for valuable information that you can discuss with your legal counsel. Read more

What Do You Do If Your Bike Hits A Car?

While most people think of only cars being involved in car accidents, this is far from true. People are involved in accidents which involve non-motorized vehicles being hit by cars. This is a phenomenon which occurs fairly often, especially in California. If this applies to you, consult a lawyer for legal advice. You should also read this article for valuable pointers which you can discuss with your lawyer. Read more