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Should You Be Your Own Lawyer In A Personal Injury Case?

Most people would tell you that your personal injury case will have a better outcome if you hire a personal injury lawyer. However, there are times when not hiring one makes more sense. You generally want to hire a personal injury lawyer when you are trying to sue the defendant in court and your personal injury case is complex. You need a good personal injury lawyer in Carlsbad, these instances for the following reasons:

● Personal injury law is complex and many factors come into play when determining the final outcome of your case. A lawyer is trained to help you navigate through those factors. This in itself is enough to steer the final ruling in your favor.
● Lawyers are objective and can and will offer you fair and useful advice and information

But there are times when being your own personal injury lawyer makes perfect sense. These are:

● The case is small – in these instances, the final settlement value is less than $20,000. Damages tend to be very simple and straightforward. There is little chance of you being ‘lowballed’ by the defendant’s insurance company.
● The liability and damages are straightforward – it must be completely clear and easy to prove that the defendant is 100% at fault. The same must be true of the damages. Any doctor who treats you must completely agree that your bodily injuries were 100% caused by the personal injury accident that the defendant is 100% responsible for.
● You will do the paperwork yourself – this may be an invigorating and mentally challenging experience if you love to learn in general. But in addition to doing all of the paperwork yourself, you’ll have to obtain all necessary documents yourself. Keep in mind that this can be very time-consuming.

Does a minimum personal injury settlement amount exist?

There is no floor on the personal injury settlement amount you can collect from the defendant. Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that the settlement amount you can collect (from the defendant) depends on the following:

● The nature and extent of your injuries
● The extent of economic damages like doctors’ bills and lost income which you have incurred
● How long you are expected to be injured for
● How obvious it is that the defendant was responsible for the accident

You’ll need to be patient. If you are your own attorney in a personal injury case, you’ll need to be patient. You will also need to remember that it can take up to a year for a typical personal injury lawsuit to settle in court. It would not hurt to study personal injury law as your case goes to trial. This will give you more insights and information regarding how to argue your case in court so that you win.

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