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Is It Always Best To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Whose Fees Are The Lowest?

Personal injury lawyers are to personal injury law what penicillin is to modern medicine. Both are necessary lifesavers. If you have ever been involved in a personal injury accident, you want to hire a good lawyer. However, you may be tempted to hire the ones who charge the lowest fees. Is this always a good idea?

Remember that personal injury lawyers don’t compete on price. This means that you can find a good one who charges reasonable fees. But always make sure that this professional is a good fit for you and your personality. Don’t fall for any lawyer that can sell well. You need a lawyer that can handle your case best and has past success in similar cases. This will help you get the

The Contingency Fee Agreement

All personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee agreement. Thus, they get paid only when and if your case wins. Thus, you don’t have to give an upfront payment, but can still seek legal assistance which helps especially if you are not in a position to pay and hire a lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers don’t compete on price

Almost all personal injury lawyers in Monterey Park charge a uniform fee of 33 and ⅓ percent of your settlement payout. They don’t advertise their prices or even compete on them because they are selling a service that is based on trust.

Contingency fees can vary (but this is rare)

Remember that the 33 ⅓ percent rule is general. There are lots of exceptions. Your personal injury lawyer may charge more for a more complex and larger case and less for a small and simple case. Thus, the fees depend upon the specificities of your case and can discuss your claim fee accordingly. If you have catastrophic injuries, you would be eligible to receive the maximum amount as compensation but if it was only minor injuries, the compensation would be less. Thus, the lawyer will consider all of this before fixing the fee.

You may have to ‘shop around’

Remember that you should hire a personal injury lawyer who is best for you. You may have to do some ‘shopping around’ to find that ‘perfect fit’. This includes checking if they have relevant expertise and have handled such cases in the past. Personal injury claims and lawsuits are easy to win if you hire a good lawyer and understand how negligence is defined by personal injury law. Now that you have some insights regarding locating and contacting witnesses, you and your personal injury lawyer can work on building the case or claim that will win.

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