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How Can I Sue An Uber Driver?

Yes, that’s right, you can sue your Uber driver if you are ever involved in an accident while riding in an Uber. This is especially true if you sustained substantial bodily injury. You definitely need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Yorba Linda because they can help you deal with the issue of the driver’s insurance covering the accident.

Factors to determine if the driver’s insurance will cover an accident

There are three main factors that determine if the Uber driver’s insurance will cover the accident. They are:

● The extent of liability of the Uber driver – Uber and Lyft try to avoid being responsible for their driver’s car accidents by hiring independent contractors. Because independent contractors are legally and technically not employees of the company, the company is not directly responsible for their actions. If the courts find that Uber is not liable for the accident and you are awarded a settlement, the money will be paid for by the driver’s personal auto insurance company. Please note that most Uber drivers have personal auto insurance policies whose coverage limits are $200,000. This means you will be responsible for paying expenses and bills in excess of $200,000. Uber generally has policies with coverage limits of $1!
● The uber driver must have been driving you or coming to pick you up – if the Uber driver was logged in to his or her app and was connected to you when the accident occurred, your lawyer may be able to prove his or her guilt. The same is true if the Uber driver was coming to pick you up or was driving you to your final destination.
● If the driver was on duty – if the driver was not on duty when he or she picked you up then his or her personal auto insurance policy would be giving you the payouts.

You need to hire a personal injury lawyer in the event of an accident while driving in an Uber. As is evident, proving the guilt of the driver is not easy if you are ever involved in an accident while driving in an Uber. This is because of the factors mentioned above. Since Uber drivers are not technically employees of Uber, Uber is not responsible for their actions even when on the job.

Since proving the guilt of an Uber driver will be difficult, even if you have sustained extensive and obvious bodily injuries and property damage because of his or her negligence, you need a good personal injury lawyer. The two of you can craft the personal injury case/lawsuit that will win you the compensation you want and need either in or out of court.

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