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What Do You Do If You Get Into A Bad Accident When Visiting California?

Everyone wants to visit sunny California. After all, California is one of America’s cultural meccas. The world-famous Hollywood and the walk of fame is there, as are other cultural attractions. But what happens if you get into a bad accident when visiting California? Hire a personal injury lawyer to help you win your case because trying to do it on your own would mostly end in a denial.

Filing a claim with an insurance company

Your personal injury lawyer in Monterey Park will inform you that the process of filing a claim when out of state is similar to that of filing an in-state claim. In both instances, you would file a claim with the defendant (the person who caused the accident) insurance company.

What to do during settlement discussions?

You and your personal injury lawyer will sit down with an insurance adjuster from the defendant’s insurance company. The adjuster will thoroughly review all information in your claim, especially the support documents. The adjuster does this because he or she is trying to determine if the information in your file provides enough evidence to prove that the defendant was at fault. The other reason for the review is to determine if you have provided supporting evidence (photos, witness statements) that is enough to prove that the defendant was guilty.

Know these laws that are specific to California

California has a two-year statute of limitations during which you can file your claim. Your personal injury lawyer in Moreno Valley will inform you of this. However, different rules apply if you are bringing a lawsuit against a government employee. California also follows comparative negligence laws. These laws bring down the final settlement amount by the extent of your fault in the accident. If you file a lawsuit three years after your car accident, you will not receive a settlement and your case will probably not be entertained by the insurance adjuster. It will not likely go to court either and you will not receive a settlement. This is because you filed your claim outside of the window period that the statute of limitations set forth.

You can win a personal injury case if you were visiting California. No one likes to think about getting into a personal injury accident and sustaining substantial property damage and bodily injury as a result while visiting California. However, personal injury accidents happen to people visiting California all of the time. You are more likely to win a personal injury case as a visitor if you are familiar with the information presented in this article. You will also need to hire a good personal injury lawyer.

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